Top 15 Free OpenCart Modules to Extend

1- Opencart Fast Checkout Flexible and fast checkout for customers. This extension is easy to integrate, so you give your customers less steps are required to buy a product, and…

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How to make an effective business plan

How to make an effective business plan

What are the necessary parts of a business plan template? Understanding and make different types of marketing plans and knowing when they are needed is important to creating a thriving…

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Google announces changes to environment

Google proposed a change in the environment and an effective setting change in DV360.

Google said the progressions will produce results toward the finish of August 2019 – alongside another adaptation of Structured Data Files (SDF) containing fields to help the new focusing on…

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Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 LIVE Updates

Election results 2019 LIVE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to build a strong and inclusive nation as his governing alliance headed for a massive victory in Lok Sabha elections on…

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Best smartphone 2019

Top 5 best mobile phone in the world | Best smartphone 2019

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plue Simply put The best smartphone around Release date: March 2019 Weight: 175g | Screen size: 6.4-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 3040 CPU: Snapdragon 855 / Exynos 9820 | Dimensions: 157.6 x…

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Heart Using Human Cells

Israeli Team Announces First 3D-Printed Heart Using Human Cells

The world’s first complete 3D printer-generated heart, made using the patient’s own cells and materials, has been created in a lab.Until now, success has been limited to printing only simple…

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ryan o'neal | farrah fawcett

Ryan O’Neal quietly shopping Farrah Fawcett portrait for $18M

Iconic Hollywood star Ryan O’Neal is quietly shopping a famed Andy Warhol portrait of his ex, Farrah Fawcett, for as much as $18 million,  A source added O’Neal wants the…

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Edible antibodies to treat and prevent gastrointestinal disorders

Therapeutic antibodies are increasingly being used in the clinic for the treatment of diseases. Yet, oral to gut targeting of antibodies remains a challenge due to their inability to survive…

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opportunity mars rover status

What does Will happen to the Opportunity Rover’s Dead Body on Mars?

NASA’s Opportunity Rover has kicked the bucket on Mars. The little sun oriented framed robot obviously came up short on battery control amid the Red Planet’s wonderful 2018 residue storm,…

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Scientists found the ‘missing link’ in the theory on how planets are formed

For quite a long time, space experts have been endeavoring to demonstrate a hypothesis about how planets are shaped from little space rock like items called Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Objects. Researchers…

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