Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Top Differences You Must Know


In this text, I am doing contrast of Magento 1 vs Magento 2.

If you are seeking out key differences between magento 1 and Magento 2, hold studying.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2

Magento 2 is launched 10 years after Magento 1. Magento 2 helps ultra-modern PHP and that improves the overall pace of website online. It can take greater orders according to hour and web page loads faster than Magento 1. In addition to cleanser coding and user-pleasant dashboard, Magento 2 additionally gives meta tags capabilities for better SEO. They have been lacking inside the Magento 1.

NOTE: From June 2020, Magento will drop the support for Magento 1. Source.

Technology Stack

Magento 1.0+ Magento 2.0+
API Added Retroactively API is Core to the technology
Flexible Architecture New Architecture for Speed
Open Source Open Source
No Front-end Library Ships with LESS
Legacy PHP PHP5.6+ / 7.0
No Support for HTML5/CSS3 Native Support HTML5/CSS3
RWD Theme Included RWD Theme Included
Weak Content Staging Advanced Content Staging
Sub-Par Search (SOLR)
External PayPal In-Site PayPal Experience
Secure Bridge PCI Compliance Hosted Fields
Minimal Video Features Integrated Video (PDP)
Full Page Cache (EE) FPC (Commerce Edition)/Varnish
Severe DB Locking Issues Zero Table Locking (Checkout)
Decent Automated Tests Better Automated Tests
JS – Prototype JS – Jquery
Stale Admin Panel (Backoffice) Fresh New Design in Admin
No Data Grid Customizable Data Grid for Catalog
Admin Non-Responsive Responsive Admin Panel
EE Pricing by License Commerce Edition Pricing by Order Volume
5-12 Month Project Cycle Claimed 4-8 Month Project Cycle
Legacy Checkout Streamlined Checkout Process
Popular Payment & Shipping Methods Same Payment & Shipping Methods
“Wild West” Extension Market Rigorous Extension Testing
Connect Store New “Marketplace”

Let’s explore the more differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

  • Architecture
  • Speed & Performance
  • Extensions
  • Dashboard
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Pricing

Architectural Differences

The main issue with Magento 1 is the store performance which has been significantly improved in Magento 2.

The Magento team has changed the stack incredibly by adding various new technologies notably – Apache, Composer, Symfony, Nginx 1.7 or higher.

Notable Architecture differences are:

  • Magento 2 supports the latest PHP versions. These versions include security improvements that affect the store’s speed.
  • Reduction in unnecessary browser’s operations on the client’s side due to bundled and minimized JavaScript.
  • Advance browser caching for static content.

Speed & Performance

Magento 2 offers faster page load speed when compared to Magento 1.

Thanks to full-page caching Magento has offered in both Community as well as Enterprise Edition.

  • Few stats of Magento 2 compare with Magento 1:
  • Processing 39% more orders per hour
  • Instant server response times for catalogue browsing
  • Enable up to 66% faster add-to-cart server response times
  • Provide up to 51% faster end-to-end checkout times

Conflicting Extensions:

There are lots of 3rd party extensions available in the market for Magento 1.

However, the problem was the extension conflicts. Two or more extensions try to rewrite the same functionality. This issue asks to resolve by manual help which costs time in addition of the expense.

Although, with Magento 2, plugins allow code to overlap with core code rather than override it.

Affordable Extensions:

Installing and updating new extensions has grow to be more cozy and pocket-pleasant.

The technique of installing extensions and amendment of capability is extra herbal due to the new era (HTML5, CSS3, Require.Js) added in Magento 2.


The admin panel in Magento 2 is person-friendly and interactive.

It permits finding information quickly, navigates to all elements of the admin panel and manages your shop greater successfully.

Magento 2 has a comprehensive dashboard that indicates lifetime sales, final orders, common orders, top seek terms, revenue tax, and different many capabilities.

On the alternative hand, Magento 1 has a messy layout.

Search engine marketing

Magento 2 has not made a splendid leap from Magento 1 in phrases of search engine optimization. But it is better than Magento 1.

Few first-rate Magento features that Magento 1 is lacking:

Duplicate Content: Magento 2 gives a Canonical tag, so there may be no keep away from duplicate content material problems.
Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword: Magento 2 enables the meta tags for the man or woman pages.
Mobile-Friendly: Magento 2 is excellently optimized for the Mobiles. It is likewise a ranking aspect.


From the Magento 2 documentation.

Magento 2 gives a Canonical tag, so there may be no keep away from duplicate content material problems.
Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword: Magento 2 enables the meta tags for the man or woman pages.
Mobile-Friendly: Magento 2 is excellently optimized for the Mobiles. It is likewise a ranking aspect.


From the Magento 1 documentation.

Magento has bolstered the hashing algorithms (SHA-256) used in password management. Magento now supports Argon2ID13 thru the PHP sodium extension, which requires the libsodium library model 1.Zero.Thirteen or higher.

Password should now not be your number one problem in case you are using Magento 1. The close to danger for you is that Magento is dropping the support after June 2020.

There will no update, protection patches or insects resolving for Magento anymore.

Open Source Platform with no support makes the web site vulnerable.


Although the variations of the community editions of Magento are free to download.

  • However, there’s a difference within the pricing of Enterprise Edition of Magento 1 and Magento 2.
  • Magento EE license value: begins at $18,000 every year
  • Cost of Magento 2 EE: starts offevolved at $22,000 every year
  • Magento 1 vs Magento 2: Should you Migrate?
  • Soon the Magento 1 assist will stop. If you have no plan to migrate to Magento 2 but, make one.


For the help, higher UI, smooth dashboard, rapid-loading, and normal upgraded platform your site deserves.
Follow our guide to migrating the website online from Magento 1 to Magento 2 without difficulty.

Why are people no longer Migrating to Magento 2?
It is a genuine question.

Magento 2 is providing so many higher functions, however still, humans aren’t moving.

Reasons are:

Fear of Change: Moving to an strange platform usually creates uneasiness. No one wants to go away the consolation region. But subsequently you need to do it.
Customer Satisfaction: Magento 1 users are k with M1. They don’t have any purpose for taking their keep anywhere else.
Magento 2 Extensions: M2 is presenting many functions, but it’s far still new. M1 have a lot of resources, extensions and assisting groups at the internet.

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