Top 10 Shopify Themes 2020 That Improve Your Sales


Shopify is one of the most famous ecommerce systems around and these subject matters give you an clean way to apply a fashionable layout to your store.

In truth, the Shopify topics in this series can flip a prevalent example of Shopify into a relatively expert looking ecommerce store at the same time as additionally providing some more important ecommerce features. Whether you’re creating a shop to promote a unmarried product, beginning out with a small inventory, or have already got a big catalog of objects to sell on line, this numerous selection of Shopify themes is positive to encompass a number designs that are suitable for your assignment.

Shopify eCommerce Theme Features

Aside from blending in with your brand, your online store should have a few important features that will make your website stand out and delight your visitors. When shopping for a Shopify eCommerce theme make sure they have the following features:

  • modern, clean and easily customizable
  • cross-browser compatibility, responsive design, and SEO-friendly
  • customer support, quality coding, and great reviews
  • built-in custom settings panel which will allow you to modify the template to your own liking
  • optional: support Shopify Sections (for easy drag and drop layouts)

With a quality Shopify theme in hand, you’re starting your online store with a great eCommerce design solution. All you need is to set it up, add your branding, custom product information, and start optimizing for online sales.


Universe is a multi-purpose Shopify theme that comes in two main variations for your store.

Whether you decide on the light Earth mode or the dark Mars option, your ecommerce store is sure to have a stylish appearance if you choose the Universe Shopify theme. Regardless of what type of online shop you want to create or what products you want to sell, the multi-purpose Universe could be a suitable option.

On the Universe demo site, you can see exactly what this theme has to offer. For starters, your Shopify store could feature a large full-width slider above the fold, ready to greet your visitors with some high-quality photographs of your products or just some inspirational images that help tell the story of your brand. Editing the demo slider and adding your own content is very straightforward.


Porto is a popular ecommerce theme for creating a wide range of online stores with Shopify.

Now on version 2, the Porto Shopify theme has been updated to deliver an even more intuitive user experience. From installing the theme to putting the final touches to the design appearance, everything about using Porto has been improved in the recent update. There are also now countless pre-built header combinations to choose from, including fixed and floating options. If you prefer a vertical sidebar menu for your store, then that’s possible too with Porto. You can also enable the optional mega menu feature to start adding a range of content types to your drop down menus, including product images and more.

Apart from the customization options, one of the best reasons to choose the Porto Shopify theme is the impressive selection of pre-built store demos. With over 20 different designs to choose from, for most stores, you should be able to simply import a design then start uploading your products. With Porto, you get a good mix of general purpose designs alongside product specific demos covering furniture, gadgets, and sports equipment stores. The designs are all mobile friendly as is the case for most of the Shopify themes in this collection.

Shella – Ultimate Shopify theme

Shella is all about performance, and whilst performance is impacted by what you, the user upload to alter on your online store, this Shopify theme gives you a great head start. It includes features such as advanced filters, a banner builder, and a MegaMenu builder and regularly sees new skins added when it’s updated.

Ella – Responsive Shopify Template

Ella updates extremely regularly, allowing you to pass on the updates to your client (or just take advantage of them yourself). With monthly additions to the collection of skins, you’ll have try hard to stick with your original choice! The latest update included PETICA Store Demo, which you can see below.

Ella supports Shopify sections, which allow you to drag and drop blocks of content within your design.


Shella is a premium Shopify theme aimed at anyone creating an online fashion store.

If you’re working on an online fashion store and you’d like a theme that has been built with you in mind, Shella should be a good option. One of the best reasons to consider this flexible Shopify theme is the selection of pre-built content you get access to when you purchase Shella. This library of pre-built content includes 15 different homepage designs, each with their own unique style. Some of the options in this category include layouts that feature large full-screen sliders, others with video players for showcasing your products, and designs that make great use of sliders to promote your inventory.

In addition to the homepage layouts for the front of your store, Shella also gives you lots of options for how your products are displayed. The large selection of ecommerce templates covers the product category pages as well as the individual product pages. With so many different designs to work with, you’re sure to find the right templates for your brand.


Goodwin is a fresh new Shopify theme for creating all types of online stores.

With over 14 ready-made homepage layouts and over 50 templates for the other pages your online store will need, Goodwin should appeal to a wide range of online shop owners. As the designs really do cover a wide range of projects, whether you’re selling t-shirts online, listing electronics and gadgets for sale, or your store stocks homeware items and accessories, Goodwin is well worth checking out.

Even if your products aren’t covered by the pre-built content, Goodwin could still be a good choice. Thanks to the library of over 70 widgets, you can drag and drop these useful modules into your store design to ensure it looks the way that you want. There are also 12 different header and footer designs to choose from, giving you even more creative options for your store. So even though the pre-built homepages and other templates in the Goodwin theme package look great, as you can see, you’re definitely not limited to using them for your store.


Basel is another popular Shopify theme with multiple store demos to provide you with plenty of creative options.

With 20 ecommerce store demos to choose from, Basel is ideal for a range of Shopify powered online stores. From fashion and furniture to cars and electronics, the selection of Basel demos is certainly varied. Through the different designs, you should find it easy to create a professional looking full-width store that could feature a large homepage slider, product carousels, store location maps, client or partner logo displays, and much more.

In addition to all the premium store templates, Basel also includes a drag-and-drop page builder to help you design a custom storefront for your Shopify website. Thanks to this you can redesign any of the pre-built content that makes up this Shopify theme. This tool can be used in conjunction with the control panel of theme settings to ensure your site matches your branding. Also, regardless of which of the pre-built store demos you choose, you can also create a custom header layout to add the right navigation system to your Shopify website. AJAX is another optional feature you can make use of, giving you the ability to enable seamless product and search results displays.

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