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ersonu is open for guest bloggers and We do accept guest-writing content, sponsored posts with the following guidelines & topics.

Our Guidelines:

  1. The Content should be of minimum 1100+ words long.
  2. The Content should be appropriate to the blog – Study our already  published contents and submit post which will be of importance to our reader base.
  3. Affiliate links are Not allowed.
  4. Not allowed duplicate title/content that has already been published.
  5. There should be at least 2 images(*350)
  6. If the images being used are under a certain license, then you should give it an Image credit by linking it to the source.
  7. We allow only 2 links in the content

Topics we accept:

We accept well-written content related to apps,digital marketing , SEO, technology news, tips, tools, software, gadget, web design, web development, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, HTML, Joomla, angular, PHP from guest writers.

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